Online based products, apps and services. Management/direction and
facilitation of the process of developing an idea into a product.
Planning and project management for complex websites or mobile apps development.
Websites that are effective and practical as well as beautiful, with emphasis
on ease of use, visibility and SEO.
Due diligence on ‘pie-in-the-sky’ offers and monitoring of true development progress of existing projects.


  • Product development

    Online based products, apps and services. Management/direction and facilitation of developing an idea into a product.

Case Studies

The Sanctuary Byron Bay

The Sanctuary Byron Bay is a luxury, private therapeutic retreat and rehabilitation program provider. Its programs are centred on the unique condition and needs of clients, along with ensuring 24/7 care, therapy sessions and an appropriate level of activities.

The Challenge:
Each client is given a customised schedule of care, therapy sessions and activities. Each schedule is complex, involving the coordination of multiple specialist providers, locations and logistics across several programs simultaneously. All programs have a high level of compliance, regulation and documentation.

The Solution:
A secure management portal where scheduling can be readily planned, modified and reported on, while also automating the workflow (via a dedicated portal for reporting, collaboration and billing) along with a customer mobile app.

The Result:
The solution has underpinned significant growth of this business over the past decade. More than ten years of collaboration resulted in the creation of further applications of the system to incorporate other aspects of the business such as stock control, location monitoring, an 'after-care' mobile app and more.

Guided Resolution

Guided Resolution provides online solutions for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The Challenge:
Mediation is labour intensive and usually requires all parties as well as the mediators to be in the same place at the same time. Guided Resolution aims to provide a scalable online process that removes these limitations by a simple-to-use Alternative Dispute Resolution process. Can it be done? Ross Paull thought so! Working on his thesis for a Masters degree on the topic led him to seek help to design and implement a tool to automate the process while also educating the user. In addition, the system should be scalable and transferable across industries and organisations, from tribunals and ombudsmen to SME’s.

The Solution:
A modular framework which reinforces the best practices and principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Interest Based Negotiation. It is implemented easily and customised easily. It can be delivered as a white label portal for a large organisation, as an educational tool for universities, or as a SaaS portal (guidedresolution.com) for SME’s to streamline dispute and complaint resolution.

The Result:
Guided Resolution was supported by an R&D grant from the Australian Government, and was a the winner of Westpac's 2017 Business Of Tomorrow award. It has offices in Sydney and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).


Industry expert Greg Arthur has been involved in the Quick Service Restaurants industry for several years. As a Subway franchisee owning several stores he has developed in-house systems to improve the operation, compliance and profitability of his stores.

The Challenge:
Create a mobile app that will assist and guide business owners, managers and staff in their day to day operation of the store. How to transfer Greg’s wealth of knowledge and practical innovations into a user friendly mobile app, staying within the dictated protocols set out by the franchisor?

The Solution:
A mobile app that is supported by an administration portal and a manager’s app. The app transfers best practices and innovative work flows and controls as well as improved compliance from Greg’s own experience into a robust but easy to use mobile app.

The Result:
The app is in the final stages of rigorous testing at several Subway stores across Australia. Feedback has been enthusiastically positive!


Realar created an Augmented Reality mobile app for the Real Estate market that allows you to place, navigate, and also walk through and around, 3D models.

The Challenge:
Realar needed a website for clients to purchase subscriptions, upload and manage their 3D models, as well as to integrate with their own mobile app. The founders, Dr Dan Swan and Keith Ahern, are both seasoned entrepreneurs with the specific requirement the new system be both scalable and easy to maintain.

The Solution:
A ‘serverless’ website, which is designed to be agile and also gather metrics. Clients manage their account and 3D models, which is integrated with the mobile app and AI automation. It uses secure, federated user authentication mechanism with Google Firebase to ensure a seamless user experience across devices and separate sections of the system. www.realar.com

About me


Over the last 20+ years I have participated in developing online products and businesses in executive roles as well hands-on as a programmer, website developer, system architect, business analyst, UX and product designer/manager.

As an IT business manager, I have managed development teams and start-up businesses developing products and large-scale systems that have successfully and reliably performed for clients over many years.

My involvement with a number of start-ups over the years in a variety of roles has given me insight to the issues at play and practice in balancing end-user value with commercial realities. In terms of planning and execution of a product and business strategy I have witnessed many right – and wrong – turns.

I am passionate about product development, designing and producing a product that is meaningful and useful for the intended users.

I am an accredited mediator, a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher, with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training, and previously worked as an Oboe player and woodwind instrument repairer.



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